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We are the world leader in innovative workforce solutions. Every day, we connect hundreds of people to meaningful work across a wide range of skills and industries helping to power the success of clients around the world. We delivers workforce expertise and talent-related capabilities that companies need to unleash the power of their people.

Whether you are looking for a temp, full time or freelance employee we’ve got what you are looking for. In today’s market a lot of people are looking for flexibility in the workplace in terms of time and location. Technology enables people to work from any location and we are witnessing a shift in people’s wishes to work from home rather than an office.


Thanks to our services you can have the freedom to work in the way that fits your background, goals and lifestyle.


Our company provides solutions worldwide. Many employers are looking for independent employees that can work from home during flexible hours.


We are a global leader in providing innovative and flexible workforce solutions by connecting the visions of clients.

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I wanted to fine a flexible job that would allow me to spend more time with my kids while earning a living. Kickoffjobs helped me find this dream job.
Jack Boher
French teacher

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